Dirt Therapy

Spending time in the garden helps fight depression. We all know drug therapy can be really expensive, but gardening costs little and anyone can do it. It’s also a great form of exercise and you won’t have the cost of a trainer or gym membership. Gardening is less monotonous and more engaging than many other types of exercise, and includes a wide array of movements such as squats, weight lifting, stretching, wrist strengthening and more.

 If your garden soil is healthy, there's no need to be too fussy about washing all your produce. Go right ahead and enjoy that tomato fresh off the vine, or yank a carrot out of the soil and rinse it off and eat. Gardening calms the mind. Take time to stop and smells the roses, and enjoy the view.

Scientists have shown working with the soil can help in Curing Impotence in men. They have shown that regular bouts of gentle weeding, digging and mowing can revitalize a man’s flagging sex drive. Just 30 minutes of gardening, five days a week, is enough to reduce the risk of impotence by around 38 %.