Sherri Doss, worm castings, fertilizer, garden, fishing, farm, compostingI taught special education for over 30 years and retired in January 2013 and moved to Canton, Texas to care for my Mother who had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer.   It was during this time that my husband began talking about starting a worm farm.  I had no hesitation in telling him that was the dumbest thing I had ever heard.  Several years went by and every time he would mention it I would reject it but do a little research on the side.  One day I said what the heck lets get some worms.  We bought 2250 worms from a company out of Wisconsin.  And yes, we counted every single worm.  We started in our garage  with nine  2.5 gallon buckets.  I was immediately hooked (no pun intended)  Working the worms was my therapy, escape, and meditation time.  My mother was set free from grip of Alzheimer in December of 2016 and Bluebonnet Worm Farm was born.

Our castings have been tested by two leading soil labs in the country with superior results.  Our goal is to be the leading provider of worm castings to individuals and soil companies in Texas and surrounding states.

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