African Nightcrawlers - IN STOCK

African Nightcrawlers - IN STOCK

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---  IN STOCK!!!  ---

Worms eat and digest their body weight every day, producing a 100% natural fertilizer know as worm castings or worm poop.

We have grown all of our worms from our original herd of African Night Crawlers however, we cannot 100% guarantee our original herd did not have other species in the shipment. Currently we only ship with the continental United States.

At this time Bluebonnet Worm Farm is only  selling the the African Night Crawler species*Species disclaimer - At this time we only raise ANC however our original herd was purchased from a worm vendor so it is impossible for us to guarantee 100% pure worm species with any type of composting worms.

 All items are shipped via United States Postal Service with 2 day priority shipping.  Contact us for shipping information.

Bluebonnet Worm Farm (BWF) screens worms on Saturday and Sunday for shipment on Monday or Tuesday.  Please have your order placed by the end of business 5 p.m. CST on Friday. At this time Bluebonnet Worm Farm is only able to ship products within the contiguous USA.  African Night Crawlers are not fans of cold temperatures so please check with us before ordering during  the colder months.  Bluebonnet Worm Farm guarantees live delivery with the following two qualifying events.

Worms are accepted on the first delivery attempt AND Bluebonnet Worm Farm is notified within 1 hour of delivery, via tracking.  
The USPS has the option to hold the package at the office if needed.  Thank you for business.    ---  IN STOCK!!!